What Is shelterDAO?

Imagine a future where property and dwellings are managed by the blockchain, where anyone has instant access to the most innovative cryptohubs around the world to connect with like minded individuals and develop innovation for tomorrow, shelterDAO brings these interactions and more.

shelterDAO are crypto communities that operate using blockchain technology. shelterDAO is a new way of decentralizing real estate and services where users can connect peer to peer and get paid in crypto.

shelterDAO Service Beta Platform

The shelterDAO Service Platform will be produced to allow our users to trade services with one another in exchange for cryptocurrency. This will allow shelterDAO to use this as a Beta Platform for easier set up of the shelterDAO Booking Platform. The shelterDAO Service Platform will have an array of web based services available for users to list or purchase in exchange for cryptocurrency, among them will be marketing, graphic design, translation, programming, coding, and many more.

The First Step Towards A Crypto Community

We understand that not so far into the future housing will be much more decentralized than it is today, and this will require a new infrastructure.

Part of the mission is to develop brick & mortar crypto communities around the world utilizing 3D concrete printing, eco friendly structural methods, and blockchain technology.


shelterDAO implements a hybrid platform to let users book dwellings on the platform, to rent their own dwelling resources, exchange services for cyptocurrency and to switch between all three roles. shelterDAO is a project that aims to decentralize and build crypto communities around the world.

shelterDAO platform integrates with: SHEL, ETH, BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

SHEL Contract Address

SUPPLY: 190,476,190
CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x59a17c58daaee299b39a060b9de67bf7c829e4d3