January 2017
shelterDAO concept is born. The team integration and project planning begins.

January 2017
shelterDAO website design & Shel Token framework.

March 2018
shelterDAO first community location, construction, and platform research.

April 2018
Shel Mosaic Token design on the NEM network.

June 2018
A 90 day Shel Mosaic Token TGE takes place in 3 phases.

September 2018
Shel ERC20 Utility Token created and swapped for Shel Mosaic Token.

October 2018
shelterDAO beta platform community test.

June 2019
shelterDAO platform official release for the public.

November 2019
New Plans for Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Puerto Rico or Philippines.

January 2020
shelterDAO partners with other businesses around the world for a borderless use of shel.