Creating Virtual Currency (token Erc20)

by luizlopes in , on November 23, 2018

Creating Virtual Currency (token Erc20)

We will create an ERC20 token for you, just fill in the following information:
Currency Name: (eg BITCOIMPE)
Symbol: (eg BTCM)
Total Currency Generated: (Ex: 100 MILLION)
Decimals: (0 to 18 – Ex .: 18)

ERC20 are smart contracts for the Ethereum block system, this means that it is a system that provides developers with broad flexibility for creating Smart Contracts. In this way, we can say that ERC20 is a standard that defines a set of rules that must be observed in order for a token to be able to interact with other tokens in the Ethereum network.
Therefore, the Tokens created by the ERC20 standard are secure, fast, low transaction rates and have been highlighted by the large use of the ICO market.

You will receive a wallet containing all the amount of currency created, so you can transfer to any other wallet that supports the ERC20 standard, without any problem!

With its own blockchain, you can distribute your criptomoeda in the exchanges or in direct pre-sale in forums of criptomoedas, after that you only get the profit, distribute your criptomoeda in an exchange (exchange house) you will at least get 2 bitcoins, that having in view that any new criptomoeda in the exchanges catch the attention and consequently you will obtain profit with sale of its criptomoedas by there.

Method of payment to be combined.

please let me know, I’ll be happy to help.

With 4 years experience in creating successful token

we offer complete advice and all the details for your token to be a successful project with this fundamentals you earn lots of money, do not miss this opportunity to have your crypto.



What is an ERC-20 token?

The ERC-20 standard used in smart contracts contains only 6 basic functions that make the token, well … functional. The code is so simple that you do not need to have any knowledge of computer science to understand it. Let’s go through this piece by piece.

First, there is the totalSupply () function, which determines the total number of tokens that will be created to be swapped in the token economy of a given project.

Then there is the transfer () function, which is used for the initial distribution of tokens to users’ wallets. This function is the biggest reason why ERC-20 tokens have become so popular for ICOs as it makes it incredibly easy to send chips to investors when the ICO is complete.

The transferFrom () function is what enables token holders to exchange tokens with each other after the initial distribution. Assuming you want to send a BAT to a friend, this function takes the address of the Ethereum wallet, the address of the recipient’s Ethereum wallet, and the amount sent, and then performs the transaction.

Then, as implied in its name, the balanceOf () function keeps track of the token balance in each user’s wallet. Simple enough.

The approve () function, meanwhile, is used to ensure that the total token supply within the economy is kept constant. In other words, this function is in place to ensure that no one can create additional air tokens to benefit.

Finally, the allowance () function ensures that transactions are valid before they are added to the blockchain. Whenever a user wants to transfer some tokens to another wallet, this function checks whether the send address has at least as many tokens as the value set in the transferFrom () function. If this does not happen, the transaction is not valid.

With these 6 functions, creating new tokens and developing platforms and portfolios for them is extremely simple. This pattern has already been employed by thousands of different projects. In fact, all projects in the Top 20 Ethereum Tokens are ERC-20 tokens.

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