Trading Competition on BITKER Exchange to celebrate SHEL listing.

by shels in Uncategorized on November 14, 2018

To celebrate the listing of SHEL on BITKER, BITKER Exchange is hosting a trading competition with the 1st place prize being 1BTC.

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BITKER PLUS Trading Competition:
Users will be ranked in terms of total trading volume on their accounts, including both buy and sell orders, across all SHEL trading pairs during competition. Ranking list will be published after the competition ends.

#Airdrop for BITKER Users!
During trading competition, place any buy or sell order in BITKER PLUS, no matter of the order amount, the trader will get 400SHEL+30PYX or more in the next working day.


Telegram(CN): BITKER Chinese Group
Telegram(EN): BITKER English Group

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